Using QR codes represents a high tech way to send your target market to your products or information. Be sure that your recipients know how to use it and will be impressed by what they see when they make the effort to take a look.

Using QR codes to promote your brand or a particular product can be highly successful. As they become more common there are issues that come up for consumers that could short circuit your marketing plan.

Potential Hazards When Using QR CodeThe most glaring problem is that a majority of cell phone users don’t know what QR codes are for at this point. That will change, of course, with time and effort, but for now it’s still a new concept. The best way to combat that lack of knowledge is to help with the education process.

Add an app that includes a simple set of instructions for use. You’ll be promoting the scanning of QR codes among common consumers who may not be tech savvy. Just because they own a smart phone doesn’t mean they automatically know its full capabilities. You can help.

QR Code Reader Apps for Smartphones

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Best Places to Use QR Codes

Use your QR codes only where they are effective and save the consumer time and effort. We’ve been seeing QR code on billboards, on web pages, and in other places that would be better served with another form of contact. A shortened and obvious web address, for example, would be more practical in many cases.

Don’t create QR codes just to appear tech savvy. Much like having web pages without good content as the consumer lands there, a QR code that goes nowhere of significance or takes the consumer longer to get to a page may be a waste of time and marketing effort, not to mention the budget required to create them.

Offer Value with Your QR Codes

Make sure that when your target market users scan your QR code, there is something of real value to them on the other side. (Do NOT just send them to a website, especially a Non-mobile friendly site.) Give them what they like to see and the information that is most relevant to their reason for scanning your code in the first place.

If you place a QR code on a mobile marketing campaign designed to attract consumers to your latest product, make sure the product description is fully available when the consumer scans your code. Don’t make the same mistake many web page owners make and encourage users to view their page. This is very non-effective if the page is only vaguely related to what the ‘call to action” to scan the QR code promised to show them.

Bait and switch has never been popular with consumers going back to the brick and mortar days, and it doesn’t go over well in the electronic market either.

Create ‘Simple’ QR Designs with Shortened URL’s

Using a long URL to create your QR code may result in a complicated looking QR code design that many of the less expensive Smartphones may have a challenge reading. One solution to this is to shorten the URL with a URL shorten-er like This will help you to create a easier to read QR codes.

Brand Your QR Codes

Some QR Code Generators (<- like this one), will allow you to add your company logo/image to the middle of your QR codes. This is a great way to brand your QR codes so people will be more likely to remember who you are. Over time, sending people to informative useful information will build trust in your target market by giving them what your QR ad page says making it more likely that they will continue to scan your QR codes.

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