The Changing Face of Facebook MobileFacebook mobile is a fantastic way to get your brand known. The cumbersome apps will have new life breathed into them in the very near future.

Making money with the use of a Facebook mobile application sounds like a practical and trendy way to reach more of your customer base. Since nearly everyone with a mobile cell phone these days has opted for a smart phone version, you can bet that most of those users will find a way to access Facebook using their phone. This is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. It is big now, and steadily growing.

The problems that mobile Facebook users have had in the beginning stages are being addressed and improved as we speak. With some smart phone applications, there is an ability to view feeds and make comments, but it may be difficult or impossible to share with others. Sharing your advertisements and posts is indeed important to your ability to grow exponentially. It is crucial for your viewers to share your information with others, of course, so keep an eye on Facebook’s progress where that component is concerned.

Another issue is the use of ads on such small screens.

Unlike a laptop or desktop screen, there is barely room for the desired information, let alone space in which to place advertisements. The solution to that, at least until they come up with a solution, is to post on your company’s page. These posts will come through on your user’s phone screens and there will be no problem reading them.

Now here’s the great news!

Facebook is so mobile oriented at this point that almost nothing within their business is done in the more traditional manner any longer. As visitors first enter the building, for example, they sign in using an iPad. The coffee and snack shop uses no cash register. Instead, purchases are made using iPads as well. When employees message each other, they no longer use the antiquated email system, but instead are directed to use the company’s messaging system with their mobile devices. Even their PC users tap into the messaging system, allowing anyone in the company to receive their message no matter where they may be.

The point is, Facebook has become mobile in a very big way.

They are poised to launch new apps for iPhone and iPad that are faster and less cumbersome than the previous versions. Facebook executives have become focused on making the leap to a mobile priority company, including the addition of 200 new engineers specializing in mobile operations, which is great news for those interested in the new mobile marketing world.

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