Creating Mobile Friendly Marketing For Real Estate Professionals

If you are selling real estate, creating mobile ready landing pages for your properties is a must! With close to 50% of people opening your emails and marketing from Facebook and Twitter, stats show that close to 50% of people are going to leave a non-friendly mobile website within the first 10 seconds.

Utilizing text message marketing, QR code marketing and mobile friendly landing pages for your properties will make it easier, faster and more user friendly for people that want more information on any of your properties. Not only that. it will make it easier for them to contact you as well.

This video below will show you how to create mobile friendly landing pages utilizing text message and QR code marketing to drive more traffic to these special pages.

Even if you are not in real estate, watch this video and replace what we are doing with properties with whatever product or service you offer.


About the Author: Mike Barnes (21 Posts)

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