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The use of a tag manager can help to determine what marketing strategy may work best for your target consumer group. Though this is relatively new in marketing, tools are evolving into excellent gauges of what works in mobile marketing using codes.

On your way to developing an appropriate and effective strategy for mobile marketing, you may have come across some interesting ways to attract attention. Don’t let the initial bugs in QR codes put you off, as this is going to be big!

The constant evolution of MS tags and QR codes is only going to make it simpler for you to attract potential consumers, create a bigger branding exposure, and to gather the data you need to improve your marketing materials and apps. As time goes forward, you’ll be increasingly able to collect the data you need to help track the actions that your users participate in, and therefore you can better put forth even more of what they want to grab and hold their interest.

The Microsoft developed MS Tag Manager has the platform your company can use to manage and change the technology for mobile marketing strategies as technological improvements and changes are made within the secure mobile marketing world.

Track your users’ habits to learn whether they prefer the standard and very familiar barcode type coding, or whether your users are more likely to be drawn to a barcode with an MS tag that contains your company logo. By using the MS Tag Manager you’ll be able to test the rate of response for each. It is important to know which way your particular target market leans so your marketing plan is most effective.

Get the MS Tag App

Install the free Tag app and you can scan Tag barcodes, QR Codes and NFC touchpoints anywhere you see ’em and be instantly connected.

Just like any other consumer marketing plan, the targeted group of users to which you must appeal will need to be catered to for your best results. A campaign, no matter how flashy or expensive, won’t do the trick if there hasn’t been a prior study to determine the best course of action for your particular consumer base.

As an example, those who are in a baby boomer age group and are interested in finding the best back support for driving road trips may be more likely to prefer the more traditional marketing plan. If your target market is the professional 30-somethings, on the other hand, the more technologically advanced your advertising is, the more likely you are to impress them.

You’ll want to find out what your intended target is interested in and how they tend to shop for what you are selling. If you are looking to expand your local interest by using codes, use a tag manager to help with the study of demographics and effective marketing.

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